• Well equipped manual & CNC machine shop.
  • Separate fabrication and sheet metal shop.
  • Inspection, Renishaw MP700 probing.
  • Assembly.
  • 3D machining.

AFEDS have worked with Autodesk products for many years, predominantly using Inventor Professional series for our 3D modelling work. This enables us to design complex components or assemblies and evaluate best methods of manufacture. 

Of course the images, drawings and animations are excellent marketing tools for discussion prior to manufacture and the feedback can be important to make final adjustments. 

The model files can be quickly refined to suit the customer's requirements and the manufacturing process can begin. 

The CAD data or 3D models are directly used by the CAM software to generate CNC programmes, networked with each machine to produce finished components, eliminating the risk of interpretation error or manual programming mistakes.